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Irving has an amazing great work ethics. We had a roof leak in our house, he quickly came to our rescue by educating us  on what's going on with our house. He took the time to explain everything. His first impression will make you feel like you know you could trust him like he is on your side. I highly recommend him to anyone if you need any advice in roof repairs, roof replacement and most of all any advice he has, he will be honest and sincere with you. He is an amazing person with great insight and knowledge and a friend you wishyou had. 

Chi Chiu

Irving is the BEST Certified Sales Professional I know. I love you Irving!

I was very pleased with Irving's service and attention to detail. Irving went above and beyond to help us with replacing our windows before putting our home on the market for sale. They did such a great job with the window replacement I asked Irving if he knew any painters and he referred David Braman from Braman Painting LLC. who painted our whole house as well. 

The new windows and paint completely transformed the look of our home and helped us sell the house faster!

I couldn't be happier for the decision to work with Irving and his team to help us with our home improvement projects. They provide a great service and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to improve the look and feel of their home!

Daniel Flanagan 

Irving you're an amazing sales guru! Thank you so much for helping me with @[453484165039753:SproutChange]'s sales strategy and developing the sales/pitch curriculum for the @[524868407704907:Social Venture Collaborative] upcoming New Economy Summit this January 2018!

Priscila Espinosa

Congrats on your new Sales position! I'm certain that with your strong work ethic, you'll be shining soon! Best!

Priscila Espinosa

ICG provides a great service, are knowledgeable and helpful, and specifically aware of the needs of a first time homebuyer who is uninformed on all aspects of home improvement projects.

Jim Hunt

I attended the Breaking Through Mental Barriers event and am so happy I did! It was great listening to others with a similar mindset and motivating one another, as well as learning from each other. Irving is great at what he does, and in the time I've known him, I've learned some key elements of being on the road to success-and he does it for all the right reasons! I highly recommend working with him and look forward to continue working with him and taking success to the next level! Thank you for this-it's much appreciated!

Kristina D.

If you're looking to attract more success in your personal life or business, Irving is magnetic. He is driven by a passion for helping others and constantly pushing for those around him to grow. Our sessions has always helped me focus in on my vision and goals, even if its not the topic of discussion. He's invaluable in any circle.

Anthony Nguyen

Irving Consulting Group has helped me tremendously in realizing things about my business that have save me a lot of time, stress, and resources.

The way that they approach clients is very refreshing. Irving makes you feel like your concerns are the only ones that matter for the time being, and seeks to find a creative solution that solves your concerns, that off course fits within your budget.

High integrity, extremely honest, and highly responsive. Would recommend any entrepreneurs looking to bring their business to the next level to Irving Consulting Group.

Al Salas

I have worked with Irving in several different but similar roles in the past. Irving is one of the most self-motivated, driven individuals that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. His selflessness and willingness to help others succeed has continuously put him in a leadership position wherever his career takes him. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Irving, and came to know him as a truly valuable asset to any team. He is honest, dependable, and incredibly hard-working. Beyond that, he is an impressive leader who is always able to address complex issues with strategy and confidence. Irving is inspired by challenges, and never intimidated by them. His knowledge of sales etiquette and expertise allows him to mold to many different roles. Along with his undeniable talent, Irving has always been an absolute joy to work with. He is a true team player, and always manages to foster positive discussions and bring the best out of other employees.
Irving is an all around great person and without a doubt I would recommend him to work with or for any organization. He will be a great asset to whatever team he is working with.

Steve Walker

Irving has a natural affinity for leadership and developing excellence; his hands on approach brings an incredible amount of value for any person or company he works with. I personally experienced great success through training and learning from Irving; he has an impressive training program that he can adapt across industries, doing so by learning whatever business he is working with, its products, and most importantly, its people. I learned from Irving for a couple months, but took away experience and knowledge that has helped me develop my skill set and career outlook. I believe that working with Irving will equate not only to immediate success, but sustained, long lived success that will improve any company or individual.

Kyle Grant

I'm pleased that I had the opportunity to participate in your workshop last evening. The session was very informative and inclusive. You provided the opportunity for each person to engage with the other attendees resulting in some very enlightening conversation.

It brings to mind a lesson I learned many years ago from Dr. Stephen R.Covey and depicted quite well in the following video from Meir Kay.

People need to get the big rocks into their jars first before they fiddle around with the peripheral stuff like the pebbles and the sand.

Discover your values and determine your priorities. Now you are ready to drive towards Your Destination!

Be Kind, Be Well, Be Strong!

Coach-Mike Howard

I have had the opportunity to work side by side with Irving many times over the past few years. Irving brings a high level of passion and enthusiasm to each project that he partakes. One of Irving's strengths is that he comes from a place of genuine deep caring for his clients. This characteristic translates into tremendous value add for the client because Irving will do whatever it takes to get positive results. What this means to the client is they can feel confident they have not just hired a consultant, but a true partner who will work with them side by side as they advance in the marketplace. What this really means is higher levels of success.

The reason I state this is because I have had the opportunity to mentor Irving over the past decade. Irving's drive, determination and willingness to learn is incomparable. He goes the distance and beyond to learn new concepts and apply them in real world situations. He is an out of the box thinker who breaks through barriers to enhance the professional and personal lives of all those he encounters.

For those companies who are looking for the edge on their competition, the ones that are committed to improving the lives of their employees, and providing massive value to the marketplace would be best served in hiring Irving Espinosa.

Mike Howard

On my path of personal growth, meeting the correct people to help guide me has been key. Irving has facilitated my journey in self improvement. His knowledge, passion, sincerity, and vision have been inspirational and very useful in my exploration. Attending Breaking Through Mental Barriers was a great experience and I highly recommend it to anybody who is seeking any type of growth and knowledge to improve their lives in all aspects. Being part of a group of people who shared ideas very openly, was a very special moment. The group was very positive and they genuinely wanted to help themselves as well as others. Self improvement can be overwhelming and sometimes people do not know how to embark on that path but this workshop helped facilitate this process and inspire me to continue. I can't wait to attend more workshops that Irving will be hosting.

Carol Esparza

I have been in sales for 17 years I operated my own consulting company for 5, before moving to New England and starting working for a Home Remodeling company as an entry level salesman.
When I moved to New England I looked for a new position somewhere in a growing small business in order to learn a better way to operate a company, so when I eventually start a new company, I would have better knowledge and chance of success.
I found Power Home Remodeling, which I was hired, and my years of experience and fortitude at least showed I was a good salesman.
However, the one call close is the toughest sales position in the Business to Consumer sales position and I found myself struggling out of the gate, and for 3 months.
Only after Irving came to my aid did I get the concept of the one call close. Irving had given me a better perspective, as far as what the company wanted it salesman to say and how the sales process works from both the business, and the customer perspectives, and putting in such a way that individually helped me become a sales leader and teaching others the way that Irving had taught me.
It was invaluable being able to have Irving guide me, and to meet someone with great character and who could individually change my career.
Irving has many years of experience, however, still is able to teach with his unique perspective in a way that was important to me and and our particular industry.
I have put him in contact with a close friend who has a growing small business and was in need of sales training.
After Irving had helped my friend's business, my friend called me and thanked me for introducing them, as it was a vital part of his company's positive growth and sustainability and my friend could not express enough, how Irving had gone above and beyond everyone's expectations in the sales training and consulting process.
I could not be prouder to call both of them my friends and be able to pass on the recommendation I have for the professionalism and character of Irving Espinosa.

Richard Varner
Irving is a great speaker and extremely informative! Really enjoyed his presentation.
Irving is very knowledgeable, attentive and professional. I highly recommend ICG services for home improvement projects.

Irving is very knowledgeable, attentive and professional. I highly recommend ICG services for home improvement projects.


Irving is a great speaker and extremely informative! Really enjoyed his presentation.