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Did you know the number 1 complaint filed by homeowners in the construction industry is POOR COMMUNICATION? In fact, the Better Business Bureau in a 2018 conducted a study in the construction industry and identified over 3.6 million complaints filed against contractors, and the leading complaint was poor communication, followed by poor workmanship and consequently followed by contractors using poor quality building materials.

At ICG we understand the key to your companies success is dependent on your ability to sell the project profitably. However, all to often companies focus too much on selling their products and services without really understanding their clients true home improvement needs. The truth is that all too often remodeling consultants focus way too much on selling what the appointment note says without doing their own thorough inspection of the home to truly understand what’s really the underlying issues with the home. For homeowners there is nothing worse than being pitched a product or service you don’t need or want.  

If you want your company to standout from the other 95% of contractors in your industry, continuous training should be treated as an absolute requirement from day 1. Unfortunately, for most construction companies there is a serious lack of field and office training leading to mediocre results that are not predicable or scalable.

At ICG we have successfully trained and mentored hundreds of remodeling consultants across the country with an average conversation of 30% or higher. We are very proud to share that many of the companies we have worked with are today amongst the highest awarded and certified contractors in the country. We believe that by training your entire team on an educational approach that focuses on truly understanding your homeowners unique remodeling needs you can provide your clients a more personalized catered solution to their remodeling needs. As the experts, we will help your team hone and master your own sales process to truly standout as an elite company long term. Upon successful completion of training you and your team will be well prepared for success, helping your company achieve levels of success that you have only dreamed about while delivering outstanding customer service and creating raving fans.

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