5 Major Signs You Need a Roof Replacement

Published November 26th, 2021 by Irving Consulting Group Inc.

Are you starting to notice stains on your ceiling? Perhaps your roof no longer looks as flat as it should. Your roof isn't meant to last forever.

In fact, most roofs last about 20 years.

Here are five signs you need to call for roof replacement services right away. Calling for immediate help can ensure you avoid property damage. Otherwise, a leak could damage your valuables or cause mold growth.

You might end up needing serious repairs in the future as a result.

Don't let it come to that. Know when to call a roof replacement company by reading this helpful guide today!

1. Stains

First, look up. If you've noticed stains on your plaster ceiling, it could mean you need to request a roofing service.

Complete a visual examination of your home to check for stains. Look for water streaks along the ceiling to the floor, too.

Water stains could indicate a leak. It's important to call a roofing company right away. Otherwise, structural damage could develop along with mold growth.

If your family is breathing mold spores in on a daily basis, it could leak to respiratory issues, too.

Don't put a bandaid on the problem. Hire an experienced roofing company to pinpoint the source of the leak instead.

2. Buckling Shingles

Step outside to examine your roof. Are the shingles starting to curl and buckle? It's likely water is penetrating your roof.

Make sure to call a roof replacement company before water causes additional damages.

An experienced team can determine if your roof has improper felt underlayment installation. If so, it's likely your roof has reached the end of its lifespan.  

3. Algae and Mold

You might spot signs of mold and algae as well. Algae can indicate a moisture problem. Mold can cause respiratory health issues as your roof continues to decay.

A roofing company can offer services to help you avoid these issues in the future. 

4. Leaks

One small leak can lead to serious water damage over time. You might require intensive repairs as a result. Make sure to call a roofing company before the leak gets the chance to spread.

Otherwise, a leak can impact your insulation, framing, and decking as well. The leak won't fix itself on its own. 

In fact, a leak could even damage your belongings, furniture, and floors. It could cause electrical problems as well. The risk of fire could increase, too. 

5. Sagging

A leak can also cause wear and tear to the roof's ridgeline. If the ridgeline is starting to sag, call a roofing company. Otherwise, mold and rot can impact the rafters and roof ridge.

You could develop additional structural issues as well.

Ask the roof replacement company if they can offer preventative maintenance services.

Call for Help: 5 Signs You Need Roof Replacement Services ASAP

Don't let water damage impact your home or family's health. Instead, keep an eye out for these signs you need roof replacement services. If these issues sound familiar, call our roofing company right away.

We can help pinpoint the source of the problem before bigger issues get the chance to develop.

Need help? We're here for you.

Request a free consultation today. 


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